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Mindful Holistic Aromatherapy: Harness Inner Wisdom

Ying Liu, Founder of Aromatic Droplets

I’m an IFA registered aromatherapist and a firm believer in taking a mindful holistic approach to healing. 


All the treatment plans are tailored to clients' needs and their own lifestyle, and reviewed frequently. I have a strong belief that client and I are working together as a team to support/recover their well-being.


Through my practice, I strive to align patients, promote well-being and balance the mind, body and spirit.

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What our clients say

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As a holistic massage therapist, taking time out to receive massage treatments for myself is really important so that I can continue giving my best to my clients. I always enjoy my treatments with Ying. She is very professional and kind in her approach. she listens carefully to how I am feeling and blends essential oils to suit my specific needs.

I get a full body massage treatment and would highly recommend it.

I always feel good after, more relaxed, lighter, like a weight has been lifted off.

I really look forward to each treatment.



Solstice Wellness Centre

49A Broughton Street

Edinburgh, EH1 3RJ

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