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Fund Raising and Providing Aromatherapy services for families those with children suffering life-shortening conditions



Mindful Holistic Aromatherapy to your Wellbeing

Ying Liu, Founder of Aromatic Droplets

I’m an IFA registered aromatherapist and a firm believer in taking a mindful holistic approach to healing. 

All the treatment plans are tailored to clients' needs and their own lifestyle, and reviewed frequently. I have a strong belief that client and I are working together as a team to support/recover their well-being.

Through my practice, I strive to align patients, promote well-being and balance the mind, body and spirit.

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I fell in love with essential oils and aromatherapy nearly a decade ago. The more I learnt, the more passionate I become. So I decided to change my career to promote safe and confident therapeutic use of essential oils to like-minded people.

  • Mindful: My practice is focusing on client's needs at present moment, accepting their values, and not being judgemental.

  • Holistic: My approach is to be with the client, by their side and walking their journey with them, to help, and to support. Taking consideration of the clients themselves, their medical history, lifestyle and environment around them as a whole allows  the treatment plan to be tailored effectively for a better service.

  • Professional : As a serious professional, I have completed a HE level 4-5 Clinical Aromatherapy Diploma accredited by the international Federation of Aromatherapy (IFA).  The 680-hour course consisting of anatomy, physiology and pathology, aromatherapy, massage, professional practice and business management. I successfully passed the externally invigilated theoretical and practical examinations with distinction and credits. Then I have upgraded my diploma and completed Professional Essential Oil Therapy Diploma accredited by the international Federation of Aromatherapy (IFA). The 725-hour course deepened my understanding of physiology and pathology, essential oils therapy, aromatherapeutic remedy formulation and allows me to provide more holistic service to my clients. My work is currently registered and regulated by the IFA following strict codes of Practice, Ethics and Conduct. In additional, I am fully insured and a current first-aider.

  • Lifelong Learner: I started small with my Beauty Guild massage diploma and aromatherapy blending diploma. My IFA diploma courses have widened my view of aromatherapy. My understanding was deepened from knowing only the therapeutic properties of essential oils to much more detailed chemical constituents and how they interact with body, botanical characters of aromatic plants, subtle energy and other alternative therapies, such as traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. Dedicated to improving my services for the benefit of my clients, I undertake continual professional development annually to ensure my techniques reflect the very latest evidence-based practice.


Schedule a session today and start your healing process.

As a holistic massage therapist, taking time out to receive massage treatments for myself is really important so that I can continue giving my best to my clients. I always enjoy my treatments with Ying. She is very professional and kind in her approach. she listens carefully to how I am feeling and blends essential oils to suit my specific needs.

I get a full body massage treatment and would highly recommend it.

I always feel good after, more relaxed, lighter, like a weight has been lifted off.

I really look forward to each treatment.



Solstice Wellness Centre

49A Broughton Street

Edinburgh, EH1 3RJ

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