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Special Offer: Peaceful Oasis

Affordable Sessions for Patients with Terminal Illness

Living well with a terminal illness can be challenging, particularly with declining abilities and physical limitations. Pain, anxiety, social isolation, and uncertainty can all become part of your lifestyle. We offer affordable support to help manage your symptoms, achieve your goals, and bring peace and calm back into your life.

As a specially trained clinical aromatherapist, I work with patients who have terminal illnesses such as cancer, MS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and dementia. Our treatment plan focuses on reducing anxiety and pain, improving sleep quality, managing progressive symptoms, and promoting calm and relaxation.

Each one hour treatment session may consist of massage, guided relaxation, or an introduction to aroma remedies, depending on your needs. We now offer a session to new patients at our studio for £30, which is 50% off the regular price. We will review your condition at each session. The offer can be redeemed every 6 weeks to make your journey and treatments more affordable.

Please book your first session here with the code "LIVINGWELL".

Special Offer: Restful Nook

Free Session for Caregivers

We offer a FREE one to one consultation session every Monday to those who are caregivers. We can help you discover how aromatherapy and essential oil remedies can support your micro-changes towards transformation. By taking 5 minutes a day for yourself, you can provide better care for your loved ones.

The session usually takes one hour, we will learn about your needs, lifestyle, and concerns, and share how we can assist you towards a better mood and sleep quality. Together we will identify micro-changes you can make in your routine and create bespoke essential oil remedies to support you. While we will work on a plan together, there is no obligation to purchase any future service or products. The session is completely FREE for you.


Please reserve your session here with code "RESTFULNOOK"now.

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