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Seasonal Discomfort: How Essential Oils Remedies Can Help

As the seasons change, many people experience discomfort due to allergies, sinus issues, and other respiratory problems. It can manifest in many ways, such as itchy eyes, sneezing, stuffed nose, post-nasal drip, and headaches. These symptoms can be frustrating to deal with, often interfering with daily life. Fortunately, essential oil remedies offer a natural and effective remedy to alleviate seasonal discomfort.

Essential oils are extracted from aromatic plants through distillation or expression. They can be used as natural remedies to alleviate minor ailments. Several essential oils have decongestant, anti-inflammatory, and antihistamine properties, making them effective for relieving seasonal discomfort.

For example, blue tansy oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties due to its high content of chamazulene. Chamazulene is a highly anti-inflammatory compound found in many blue essential oils. It is responsible for the oil's inky blue colour and has been found to have potent anti-inflammatory effects. This makes blue tansy essential oil an effective remedy for seasonal discomfort, as it can help alleviate symptoms such as inflammation of the sinuses and nasal passages.

Eucalyptus oil is well-known for its use in respiratory salves that help with congestion and mucus coughs. Its high content of 1,8-cineole (over 60%) makes it a highly effective decongestant and mucolytic. Using 1,8-cineole rich eucalyptus oils also help combat daytime drowsiness, fatigue, and tiredness. Its strong analgesic effect is also recommended for headaches.

The cooling and refreshing scent of peppermint oil makes it a lovely remedy for daytime use, to improve cognitive function and soothe the nerves. It is recommended for headache and anti-inflammatory purposes.

Chamomiles, such as Roman chamomile, German chamomile, and Moroccan chamomile, are all well known for their calming and anti-inflammatory properties. Their gentleness combined with anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory properties make them excellent for children's remedies.

Lavender is one of the most versatile oils, famous for its analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-histamine properties. However, there are many types of lavender oils, and Lavendin and spike lavender are recommended here for seasonal discomfort due to their higher content of 1,8-cineole and camphor. True lavender is a better and safer choice for young children.

It is important to note that blue tansy oil and German chamomile oil may interact with medications, so please consult your aromatherapist to find out if it is safe to use or if there are any alternatives. Additionally, 1,8-cineole rich eucalyptus oils and peppermint oil introduce a sense of coldness and stimulate the cold receptors in the nose. As a result, they may slow down breathing if used near the face of a baby or young child.

When using essential oils for seasonal discomfort, there are several effective methods.

Steam inhalation is one of the most effective methods. Add 4-6 drops of blended essential oil to a 3L bowl of hot water and inhale the steam with eyes closed. You may want to use a large towel to cover your head for better results. Reduce the dosage and time for children and there is no need for the towel for safety reasons.

A diffuser blend is also good to fill the room with aroma and relieve symptoms, and it is better to have an intermittent diffusing option. Diffusing more than 15 minutes doesn't introduce more benefits, and may impair the psychological benefit for prolonged exposure to an aroma.

Personal inhaler blends are more popular choices. With a lipstick-sized inhaler, you can carry your blend with you during the day and use it as frequently as you need.

Balms made from organic butters and wax create an occlusive film on your membranes and protect them from allergens.

Compress and massaging help with headaches by soothing the muscles around and releasing the pressure in the sinuses.

If you're experiencing seasonal discomfort, don't suffer in silence! We're here to help you breathe easy and feel your best with natural essential oil remedies. Our consultation service offers personalised guidance on using essential oils safely and effectively, and we can even create bespoke blends tailored to your specific needs. With Aromatic Droplets, you can say goodbye to frustrating symptoms and enjoy the changing seasons with confidence.

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